Setting up your Classroom for Children with ASD.

May 14, 2020

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Irish Verb Sheets

ABAL Education Supplies sells all types of classroom furniture and supplies, but they seem expensive. They have all types of work stations but we are getting even nicer ones in IKEA for E89 each.

Ease Educational have a lovely website with loads of furniture and school supplies to choose from.

Wesco are another school furniture supplier, who seems to have a lot to choose from on theri website.

Our school does use Adam and Friends for sensory equipment,

I am sharing these links because people who are setting up classes for children with autism for the first time are asking me for advice on where to purchase furniture etc. It is not a collaboration with any of the above. It is difficult for me to say what each class should have, as some schools may have a very healthy budget and others might not! The list of what we should have is endless, sensory rooms, chill out zones, individual work stations, the list is endless.

My classroom is relatively new and we are so lucky to have an ajoining sensory room and play area , and it is very well resourced in terms of teaching supplies etc, but I know so many teachers have a prefab to teach in with no extra resources, so you have to go by your own budget. Maybe I can try write a post about setting up an ASD class on a budget because that is what many teachers will be doing!

If you were to have a class in September with a very small budget, I would say the essentials are:

Cardboard dividers for desks if you can’t get the work stations. These are essential to stop the children becoming distracted.

A designated sensory play station. I find if the children are tired and have had enough desk work, the sensory play reallt helps them relax and regulate. It can be as simple as rice, sand, shaving foam, torn up crepe paper, beads, (possible choking hazard though!), porridge oats, flour. Have a tray for each child and rotate the materials.

A cornered off library section with funny and snappy books.

A quiet area where they can go to relax or recover after a meltdown.

I am sure there’s loads more but that is all I can think of for now!

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