Hello everyone,
There seems to be an immense interest in the thematic units I have created. For the 422 new readers of my blog this week, you are very welcome! I will give some more information on the themes here for you newcomers!
Basically, I am big into my thematic planning. I always thought I wouldn’t bother with it after teaching practice, but now it is the only way I can teach. I am a tad neurotic about linkage and integration.
Thematic teaching/learning/ planning really is the best approach. The children are always so much more interested when all lessons are connected, in my experience anyway.  I usually use a theme for a week, sometimes two if I can get a lot out of it. As a result of my love of themes and thematic planning, I have a wide array of resources and plans available.
Here is an example of what is included in my Space pack:
Class: 4th-6th
5 English
5 Maths
2 history
2 geography
1 Science
1 art
1 drama
1 PE
1 English (oral language)
Plus links to resources online to save you researching time, and my own self-created resources.
PM me on facebook, or simply leave a comment underneath if you are interested in purchasing this unit.


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