SubKit-Part One.

August 28, 2014

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Hello everyone,

I have posted about this before , here:

I have changed my Subbing Kit again since. I am trying to get it organised today, it’s taking me ages to get everything together, between CV’s and trying to find schools, it is a busy time for substitute teachers.

So my Subbing Kit so far consists of the following:

Paper work: 

Statutory Declaration Form
TC Registration
Garda Vetting


Prim-Ed NQT Pack

Found here:

 Found here:


I have a folder of worksheets for the junior classes and a folder of worksheets for the senior classes. I just have photocopied material from my teaching practices, worksheets I found on-line, printable maths activities and so on.

Hard Drive:
I have a hard drive with all my TP resource saved to it , my digital stories and lots and lots of power-points, on all different themes, e.g. explorers, food, Winter, Sprig, Hallowee’n, Christmas, Minecraft,  etc etc.

Sub Case:

I also have my sub case which is a handy little container I picked up in Aldi. I have rubbers, toppers, notebooks, paper work, pencils and all those little bits and bobs.

Prize Box:

I have a little prize box too with small, affordable little prizes to give out on special occasions.

I have my buzzers and quiz book!

I got the buzzers here:

I got the quiz book here:

I think that is everything, I hope I am not forgetting anything! Just always be prepared, many teachers leave work for you to cover, but some don’t. We must be prepared for every eventuality.

Good luck everyone!



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