Making School Fun!

August 30, 2014

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Hello guys,

Here’s a few ideas for making school fun this year! I received a few bits and pieces from ABC School Supplies this week which I can’t wait to use once the subbing kicks in.

I ordered these little fellas, but will have to re-order them as I gave them all to my nephews who love them! If you only buy one type of reward this year, get this. I ordered loads of different toys for my prize box last year, and every single child wanted a yellow man. I think every child had one by the time I left! They became fondly known as ‘Edwardsons’. Every child from junior infants to sixth class seemed to love them, so they can be used with all age groups.

You can get 5 for 1.99 which isn’t bad.

I chose these little notebooks too, mainly because I would have loved them when I was in school!

Although I do love giving out prizes, I would say do it in moderation! It should be a HUGE deal to get a prize. Otherwise the novelty will wear off and they will lose effect and become obsolete.

I ordered these mainly because the bright colours appealed to me, and I just love little things like this. I thought it’d be a nice idea to stick it into the homework journal at the end of the day.
Who wouldn’t want a happy note?!

And last of all, the resource I have been coveting since I started my first teaching practice: buzzers! I absolutely love them! I do quizzes a lot in school, so I just went for it and got them.

So at this stage I am fully prepared and ready to go, I just need the phone to ring!


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