August 31, 2014

Themes for Teaching Practice and Resource Packs

Hello everyone,

I have received many emails this week about suitable themes to use for teaching practice. Here's a list to give you all some ideas.

Infants- 2nd class:


The Zoo

The Jungle

Mini Beasts



The Seaside




( I would also recommend basing a theme on a big book for the week.  Choose four or five big books, which will all link to your over arching theme, and use the story as the centre of your theme for the week)

3rd- 6th:


Communications and Social Media

Explorers- Tom Crean, Columbus, Marco Polo, 

Marine voyagers/ Marine exploration

Sea creatures

Natural Disasters/Environment Studies


Our Local Area

Medieval Castles

The Rainforest

Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Rome



 This is just a small selection of themes. I have outlined in blue my favorite themes.

Please comment underneath if you would like to purchase the resource pack and plans for the above themes. : )


16 comments on “Themes for Teaching Practice and Resource Packs”

  1. Hi Valerie. I'm starting TP2 in a couple of weeks and would be interested in buying some of these. Could you give me details of prices, etc? Or an email where I could contact you? Thanks

  2. Hi Valerie,
    I would be interested too. Particularly in Tom Crean, Sea Creatures and The Rainforest. Can you let us know how to get them?
    Thank you
    5th Class Teacher

  3. Hi Valerie,
    I'd like to purchase the Explorers pack please. Could you please let me know how I can arrange payment. Many thanks.

  4. Hi Valerie

    I am very interested in purchasing a few of the above mentioned theme resources, are these available on your TPT store?
    Thank you!

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