Hello fellow subbers,
I know it’s a bit late in the year for this post, but June is a very busy month sub teaching wise for teachers. I posted information in the past on my blog about my subkit in the past but I have since refined it some what. I basically have a large black handbag from Penneys, and my pink sub case from Aldi’s, a photo of which is on my facebook page somewhere.  I have stopped bringing my resource box as it was just too much to carry and I never used it all.
Here is what made the final cut into my subkit:

Whiteboard markers, pens, post-its.


Lava lamp timer

Bicycle bell



Mini treats/rewards/prizes

Scholastic dollar deal books/print outs.

Maths Assesment workbook from Folens.

English workbooks

Bun go Barr workbooks

Hard drive

Story book

Blue tac

Novelty stationery for children to try out

One puppet ( junior classes)

It still seems like a lot now that I see it in writing, but I use most of the above every day while subbing!



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