Subbing..without an interactive whiteboard!

June 7, 2014

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Hello there blogger friends.
I hope you are all busy this month, subbing for us NQT’s, relaxing after TP3 for some, and for others still, facing into your last week of TP1!
I am booked up until the 24th of June so I am delighted.  Anyway, my post, as the title suggests; is about subbing, when there is no IWB! After TP3, I fell into a habit of relying on the IWB. I planned my classes around  it for subbing, used it in almost every lesson, for behaviour management, and for brain breaks. So far so good, until last Thursday. The interactive whiteboard was broken!I was truly horrified. The children are finishing up or are already finished their textbooks in most schools, so that too was a no no. All my fancy lessons went out the window, and I was left in a muddle. I rummaged through my subkit before the bell went, and found enough resources to do the four classes for the day. It actually turned out to be a great day in the end, with fun lessons!
So here is what we did:
9:20-10:10- Kings and Queens, Irish games/activity- Deir Muzzy, Cluiche Kim, Oral language

10:10- 11:00- Maths games, Target Board/ Number Fans, Mental Maths, worksheet ( from Folens Assessment Book 5- brilliant for tests/worksheets)

11:15-12:00- Book reports, followed by presenting the reports to the class.

12:12:20-Story Starters from Scholastic. ( Dollar deal purchase). I gave each child a story starter and they had to continue the story and finish with their own ending.

12:20-12:30- Chinese Whisperers. Two Truths and a Lie ( Drama?)

1:00-1:30- Summer Bucket List activity.

1:30-2: Science- Sound

2-2:50- PE

That is how I managed my day without the IWB! I really missed Gonoodle but apart from that I survived!



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