Teaching Placement Themes- Junior and Senior Infants

September 8, 2019

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Walt Disney History Lesson

Hello everyone!

I always forget that lots of people are new to my blog, I have been writing here for so long now I forget that some of my posts from years ago are too far back for new readers! If you google múinteoir valerie and teaching practice then they should come up. Anyway, long term readers know that I love teaching practice. Now I didn’t love it at the time, but I really enjoy helping others prepare for it. It is your first step into the teaching world, where you get a break from assignments and get into real teaching life. It is also a very tough time for some who can feel overwhelmed from the sheer workload involved. I will be holding three seminar before Christmas. The first is the 28th of September in Skerries, and the other two are to be confirmed. The seminars go in to all of this in great detail, but for now I will share a quick blog post. I am getting a lot of queries about themes for different age groups. These themes are for the infant classes.

The Zoo

The Farm


The Harvest


Under the Sea


Irish Wildlife


The Jungle


People who Help Us



Story book based theme- Commotion in the Ocean/ Snail and the Whale/Gruffalo

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