Teaching Practice.

January 6, 2014

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It has begun my friends. The headaches, the sore neck from staring at a laptop all day, and the regression into childhood, where I find myself happily playing with toy cars as I set up my garage for next week’s theme. The descent into the mayhem of teaching practice, and it is not for the faint of heart.

I am currently taking a few moments to recover after completing my ninth lesson plan of the day. All very well and good, but I have yet to plan a core subject! Everyone knows they take the longest. The SESE/Arts subjects are a dawdle in comparison. Not to mention the most dreaded piece of work to ever be written.. the REFLECTIVE LEARNING JOURNAL! It is however, my last journal ever to write so one must continue to look on the bright side, and try to be a ‘reflective practitioner’. 

I am, in between my stress and despair, really enjoying my themes of:
Travel and Transport
Life on the Farm
Marine Explorers (love this one!) and
Ancient Rome.

I am also lucky as I am going back to the school I did my first teaching practice in, and I know the children reasonably well. ( three of them happen to be my nephews). It is a big help to know the students before you begin. I find myself filling my prize box with items I know they will love, planning lessons to suit their interests and if I must admit, I find myself really going that extra mile because I want them to really enjoy the five weeks! So I cannot complain on that front.

Back to the present however and I am woefully off my target of completing 13 lesson plans. I also have to face laminating a mountain of resources and organising my folder. It seems insurmountable at the moment but at least it will ease the workload once TP actually begins.  I for one am planning to make the most of it, given the uncertainty of when I will see the inside of a classroom again once it is over!

Chin up everyone!


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