The First Month

September 26, 2017

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Hello everyone!


Once again I apologise for my neglectful blogging etiquette, I do plan on answering the questions I can in due course, but I honestly haven’t had time to bless myself this month never mind write a blog post!

We are almost half way through our fourth full week back now and time is as usual flying by. Working in a school seems to speed everything up and days just merge into one!

So how did your first month back go? Mine has been busy, like everyone’s I am sure.  This is my third September teaching and it has definitely been the most laborious of all, including my probationary year!  I hope I am not the only one who feels like September has been non stop go go go! It really is infuriating when people think we work nine until three and clock off! That is not the case, certainly not at this time of the year anyway. The paperwork as we all know is non stop, then there’s the planning, gathering of resources, decorating classrooms, differentiating, laminating, cutting, etc. How do people think we do all that during the day while teaching up to thirty five kids?! I only wish it was that easy.


I must say the actual art of teaching gets more enjoyable each year for me. I think as I grow in confidence in my teaching it becomes easier. I absolutely love teaching first and second class. They make it easy to put all the effort in because I just want them to LOVE school at this young age. I always say to myself, ‘Would you like to be a student in your class?’ If the answer is no then you’re doing something wrong!


Here are a few lessons we have done this week which worked well:


Each day we read a story book. We discuss the story as part of oral language and try to integrate it as much as possible with other subjects. Today we designed a book cover for our story. We discussed prepositions in the story and we discussed the terms title, author and illustrator. We started narrative writing this week so we are paying very close attention to how books are written.

We completed a story brain storm including the essentials- title, characters, beginning, middle and end, problem, solution and setting.

Friendship recipes (procedural writing)

Friendship cookies (English&science)

Would you Rather..(oral language)

I found the ‘Kids V Phonics’ youtube channel which is such a fun way of teaching word families if you need some inspiration!



Family trees (history)

When I grow up.. (geography)

Autumn leaves nature trail (geography)

Science: Living things – autumn creatures



We are working our way through numeration, doubles, near doubles and so on. We started working on time today and I plan on doing ten minutes of just time each day until they know it inside out. We also do twenty minutes of word problems once a week, sometimes more. We do lots and lots of mental maths to speed up the tables. My class love mental maths games!

I’d recommend this site for reading time:

and this for numeration:


We created beautiful autumn trees in art, as well as doodles from our imagination for World Doodle Day which was last week. Our first art lesson this week was to create our book covers.




Classroom management wise I use Class Dojo and our whole school behavioural system.


I found these two ideas on pinterest. I have started using the Blurt Box and it’s working well! I am going to try the Brownie one next week, can’t wait!



brownie points

Classroom jobs are essential! There’s loads of ideas on pinterest, here’s a sample:






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