10 Organisational Tips for the Classroom

August 28, 2017

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  1. Have magazine files for each subject.
  2.  Have all the kids names on lollipop sticks in a little box on your desk.
  3. Use a clear large plastic storage box for each theme- e.g. autumn, Halloween, winter, Christmas, etc. Use these boxes to store your displays and resources for each theme.
  4. Have one plastic folder for Admin notes, e.g. parents letters to go home, croke park meeting notes, referrals and so on. It helps to prevent them disappearing from your desk!
  5. Have a separate folder with notes from parents regarding absences.
  6. Be so careful collecting money from children, always write down who paid and keep the list with the money in a plastic container. (I just love my plastic boxes!)
  7. Label everything!
  8. Have an incidents notebook and use it!
  9. Have another notebook to keep track of pupils who repeatedly have incomplete homework.
  10. Group your library books by theme, it will make life much easier in the long run!


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