How Can I Prepare for September?

August 23, 2017

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Good morning everyone!

I have received lots of mails from NQT’s about starting back next week and how to prepare. Please don’t worry about school yet. It is easy for me to do my plans because I have all the books I need, I know the class level and the ability of all my 2nd class pupils, I know the school and how things work. If you are starting in a new school with a new class it is a different story. If you are eager to do your plans however but you don’t have any teacher resource books, then just go to the curriculum documents. I go to these before I go to the teacher books.

There isn’t a whole lot you should be doing now except relaxing, the year will be busy enough. You could start downloading resources to put your mind at rest if it will help. Today for example I am going to log on in to Twinkl at some stage to download my display posters for birthdays, subject headings for each display board, days of the week, months of the year, maths displays and so on. You could have those downloaded, printed and laminated to organise your classroom for the first week. That would be a good start!


You could also organise your folders, I have one for my long term plans, one for my fortnightlies, an assessment folder for 1st, an assessment folder for 2nd, and a resource folder.


I can’t answer the question regarding how much time you have in September to do your plans, I am guessing it depends on the class. If you are doing the DIP though I would get them done as soon as possible.


I know this post is very short but that is honestly all I recommend for now, once you get in to the classroom there will be enough to do!

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