Transitions between Lessons

January 8, 2019

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Transitions between lessons are a very important part of classroom management. Do your students start talking the minute their books are closed, holding up the beginning of the next lesson? Or are they involved in a purposeful transitional exercise? I have used Go Noodle for years but I think it may be time to retire it. I am tiring of it so I can only imagine the children are too,


Here are some alternatives:

Recite a poem you are learning

Tables Challenges

Sing a song linked to whatever theme you are currently using.

Play a song on the tinwhistle

Number double and triples

Perform a quick PE warm up activity

Keep it simple. I remember getting such excellent advice off a teacher when I was on placement. I was getting my Go Noodle set up thinking that was my ICT integration sorted.Then she said would it not be better to showcase something I taught the children rather than just letting the IWB do the work. So then I did an Irish song on the theme of Bia which was what we were doing at the time and my inspector actually commented on it! So sometimes it is best to keep it simple. Remember to try use every opportunity to showcase what you have taught and what the children have learned.


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