Vikings Theme with 5th and 6th

September 11, 2015

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  1. Writing:Diary entry from viewpoint of a Viking invading Ireland, what did they think of Ireland? Which monastery did they invade, what did they steal etc.
  2. Reading: comprehension piece on the Vikings and answering questions. ( ideas on website linked below) Mr Donn
  3. Oral language: presentations of research on Vikings to the class. (questions and answers)
  4. Writing: ( I am currently teaching narrative as a genre, so the children will practice by writing a narative based on the Viking invasion)
  5. Writing: write a secret message using the Viking alphabet.


I will integrate my theme into maths via general word problems. e.g. Eric stole 16 chalices from the monastery and sold them on for 15.50 each, how much money did he make?



Mé Féin vocabulary, describe the viking on the whiteboard.

(tenuous link but it’s something!)



Group projects on the Vikings

group 1: Vikings background

group two: Vikings clothes

group three: Viking transport

group four: Viking settlements and homes



materials and properties/materials and change


Design a suitable outfit for a Viking using the materials available


Design a longship using the materials  available ( will use fair test in the sink to see if their creations are sea worthy!)


Make Viking bread!

Viking bread



My original plan was for the children to design and construct longships using recyclable materials.

There are so many ideas though, including:

  1. Make longships in pairs using clay. Use lollipop stick and paper as sail.

2.Design Viking shields and crests for their ships.

3. Draw and design Viking jewels and creations.



Warm Up:

Is it True: e.g. is it true that you invaded Ireland?

Hot seating: Once child will play the Viking, Eric, and the other children will ask him questions.


I will be reading a couple of chapters from a novel based on the Vikings to my class. I will have them improvise and reenact the scene I read aloud. They will improvise in groups by changing the ending of the chapter.



We will try attempt to make our own Viking style musical instruments!

See link for more informtation on these!

website link: Viking instruments



Useful websites for Viking info:


BBC Vikings

Viking videos

Here are some photos of Viking art from pinterest. They’re a bit too simple for my class but may be nice for the middle classes?

viking guy

viking helmet


viking longship

viking shield







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