Working with Children with ASD/ Additional Needs- Helpful Online Websites and Bloggers

April 20, 2020

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Muinteoir Valerie 15

Many teachers will be told where they will be placed for September soon. I previousy worked with 5th and 6th for two years, 1st and 2nd for two years and third and fourth for a few months. I started teaching six little boys with autism last September and I love it. I have put together a list of websites I use a lot since starting with my class in September. I only found most of them later in the year but now you will have them from the get go!

The first is The Autism Educator. I followed Amanda for a long time on her facebook page, and she recently set up The Autism Educator. She has so many amazing free resources, social stories, everything. Her corona virus social story went viral and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times around the world. She always replies to messages and is so helpful. Her resources are some of the best I have seen. She is also on Instagram under the name Little Puddins.

I also follow Occupational Therapy ABC on Instagram- she shares excellent videos and posts and gives so many practical ideas. She has two ebooks which I have to download, one on sensory processing and one on fine motor skills. Aoife is an occupational therapist and so really knows her stuff.

ASD Creation Station has an amazing website and instagram page. She also recently set up online courses which are next on my list to complete this week. She has really original and creative ideas, and really practical advice on assessments and everything.

My OT and Me is another website with loads of information on all things occupational therapy related.

This website has lots of really good free printables, definitely worth a look.

Middletown Centre for Autism has lots of material on their website and many online resources and courses.

The above links are more than enough to get you started! I check them almost daily when I am in school and honestly I get so many fresh ideas from them, which are easy to implement and carry out.

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