Interview Questions 2016

June 15, 2016

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Do you think the Irish language is in decline?
How long do you think the children should stay at their homework for?

What would you do if an angry parent called to your door?
What sports can you offer?
Do you work well in groups?
how do you think you could work well with people who have many more years experience than you do?

Tell us about your teaching career to date.
Have you any special interests?
What special qualities could you bring to the school?
What is your view on discipline?
What would you do with an unmotivated child whose parents were uninterested in their child’s school work?

What would you do with an aggressive fifth class boy who won’t do what he’s told?

Where do you see yourself in five years?
What can you bring to the school?
What are the benefits of music education?
How would you teach Irish/English/Maths?
Have you had a confirmation/communion class?
Why are you interested in this school?

What are the challenges of teaching Irish?
How would you teach Irish to a senior class?
How will your experience apply to this position
An bhfuil suim agat sa Ghaeilge?
Have you experience teaching fifth and sixth class grouped together?
What is your favourite curricular area?
How would you use this in the classroom?
Conas is féidir suim a spreagadh sa Ghaeilge?
What is your favourite class level? Why?
What class would you choose if the principal gave you a choice?

How would you establish rules for the classroom?
What are the differences in teaching from when you were attending primary school?
How important is planning and lesson preparation?
What is the role of the board of management?
What can you do to enhance the reputation of the school?

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