Using the Primary Language Curriculum 2015

August 17, 2017

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Hello everyone!

The 2nd course I did this summer was Using the Language Curriculum 2015 with

Hibernia offer competitive rates as far as summer courses go, and even better for graduates from Hibernia!

Here’s the price list:

Special rates:
3 EPV days – 1 course – €85
4 EPV days – 2 courses – €150
5 EPV days – 3 courses – €225

Graduate special rates:
3 EPV days – 1 course – €50
4 EPV days – 2 courses – €100
5 EPV days – 3 courses – €150

I always do at least one summer course with Hibernia College. I am familiar with the website and the course content from studying with them and I like the familiarity! I am a creature of habit really!

I was delighted when I saw the newest addition to their course list, ‘Using the Language Curriculum’. My thoughts on this new curriculum are neither here nor there but I will offer my thoughts on the summer course I did with Hibernia. I took this course because I feel that the one day of training we have had so far is simply not enough to implement a new curriculum. Yes we could spend hours perusing it in our own time but why should we have to do that? Anyway, back to my summer course!

This Primary Language Curriculum (2015) course explores the language curriculum as well as its rationale and aims. The key features of the language curriculum are examined in detail, and we as participants are given the opportunity to navigate the curriculum for teaching, learning and planning purposes. The course also examines how best to engage with the curriculum to support the teaching and learning of Irish and employ a range of methodologies for the teaching of Irish. Finally, this course examines the use of the language curriculum to support children with special educational needs (SENs) and the idea of a language curriculum that supports inclusion.

The learning objectives of this course are to:



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