What will you miss most about the holidays?

August 21, 2017

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The Rose of Tralee is starting, which only means one thing- the summer is ending. I cannot believe the summer is nearly over. I am not complaining, I know our holidays are generous, but they just go by so quickly! I hope you all enjoyed it so far, but it is not over yet! If you have all your summer courses finished, then it is time to put the feet up and relax! We have just over a week left, so make the most of it!

It can be so hard to unwind sometimes, I can never sleep late for example, it feels like it’s wasting the day. But if you enjoy a sleep in, then sleep late every day this week! I love waking up early and watching Ireland AM with my first tea of the day. Then I bring Sonny to the beach. I’ll really miss my summer morning routine!

I will miss going for tea in cafes whenever the notion takes me. There’s nothing better than going for tea and a slice on a rainy Wednesday , just because we can! I’ll miss lunches out too, how I’ll go back to eating salad out of a lunch box I simply do not know. I shudder at the thought of it.  (Note how much of my thoughts centre around tea and food!)

I will mostly miss going home to Galway whenever I want. The freedom of hopping into the car and heading home for a few days is just the best feeling. The weekend just isn’t long enough.

I’ll miss spending time wandering around furniture shops looking for house stuff at my leisure, and spending half the day wedding planning of course. Alas, all good things must come to an end.


I am looking forward to a new academic year, I’m looking forward to seeing my little 1st class pupils who will be big 2nd classers now! And having some form of a routine and healthy eating will be good too! I am almost finished my third summer course (I decided to do another one last minute last week) and it’s all about promoting healthy eating in schools. So that should encourage me some what to be healthier.  Though I am going to have the most decadent pastry one could imagine before going back to it!





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