Autumn and Back to School Clothes

August 21, 2017

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What springs to mind when you think of Autumn? I think of school, new candles, leaves crunching underfoot, and back to school clothes!

One of the advantages of back to school season is that it is an excuse to buy more clothes! Well I use it as an excuse anyway, and my sisters do not sure about any other teachers!

I love Autumn, it is my favourite season, mostly because of the clothes! Summer clothes are just any old clothes because you never know what the weather will be like so you don’t want to invest in too many summery styles. Autumn on the other hand..

I love woolen cardigans in autumnal colours, ankle boots, skirts with tights, dresses with tights, anything with tights! Jeans are so restrictive! I like to look to pinterest for outfit inspiration and then try to find something similar in our shops.

I always wonder how teachers in other schools dress, sounds strange but I do! I have heard all sorts of stories. Our job is a funny one because it is a profession and as such requires professional clothing, but then it is also very active and obviously when dealing with small kids heels and pencil skirts just won’t cut it! So what to wear? Do any schools have a dress code?

Here’s some outfits I like from Pinterest


Picture number one: I have the messy hair, but that’s it! I like this outfit but maybe it’s a little untidy for school?! I would wear it , with tights of course.

autumn 6

Picture 2: If the skirts was a few inches longer it would be perfect.

autumn clothes 2

Outfit picture three:

I have this skirt! Such a simple way to style an outfit, I wouldn’t brave the hat though!

autumn clothes 3

Outfit picture four: I also have this skirt but mine is longer, and a similar top!

autumn clothes

Outfit picture five:

So cosy and autumn-y! If only I had long legs to wear these boots!

autumn clothres 4

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