Interview Preparation and New Sample Answers

April 14, 2020

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Muinteoir Valerie 19

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter holidays before the remote teaching begins again! There is so much uncertainty around at the moment, and I have had queries about interviews now that we are approaching the summer and interviewing season. It is impossible for me to say when interviews will take place, or if they will be done online or in person, no-one knows that just yet. What I do know however is that eventually, we will be back in school, people will still retire, take career breaks, move schools, go on maternity leaves etc and interviews will still happen.

I think now, with the lock down measures in place, is a perfect time to invest in yourself and your future, and set aside a little bit of time each day for interview preparation. It might be twenty minutes, it might be an hour, but it will make all the difference when it comes time to interview!

It might be as simple as downloading the application form and glancing through it and jotting down some points you would like to bring up at the interview, or doing a short CPD course.

My Guide to Primary School Teaching Interviews is available on my website, I’ll list the contents below. I will also be making available shorter PDFs of current educational issues which may be brought up in interview.

The PDFs consist of

  1. The Impact of Covid 19 on our educational system and what to do when we return to school.
  2. E/Virtual Teaching
  3. A more updated document on SEN and current issues
  4. A short interview guide for SNAs

I’ll be making these PDFs available to twenty people who downloaded the interview book today. These will be chosen at random. The PDF’S will be available then to purchase from tomorrow on as a pack for five euro.

The interview guidebook is available to download now

The table of contents is posted below:

Table of Contents

The Standard Application Form

The Letter of Application

List of Questions

Sample Answers to Commonly Asked Questions in English (40)

Sample Answers to Commonly Asked Questions -Gaeilge

Sample Answers to Questions for Principalship

Standard Application Form Buzz words and Verbs

Interviews with Irish Principals

First Impressions

Research the School

What to (And Not To) Wear – Interview Attire

Questions you may want to ask the Interviewer

Checklist: Are you Ready?

Other Resources for Interview Preparation

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