September 11, 2020

Life Skills and Baking for Children with Autism

I try do to baking once a week with my class. Try being the operative word, sometimes time doesn't allow for this or things don't always go to plan. My class will be in until 2:30 instead of 1:30 from October so that gives me a whole extra hour for the fun stuff!

Baking and making snacks etc is a great way to promote life skills and independence in children. There are so many benefits including

Developing new vocabulary

Improving fine motor skills

Working in a group

Developing social skills

There are also challenges, including,

1. Sensory Challenges
2. Fine and Gross Motor Issues
3. Following Directions
4. Food Aversions

Processing information is difficult for people with ASD so recipes need to be broken down into manageable parts. Visuals are a must with younger children or clear simple instructions given one step at a time.

I can't recommend the NCSE page highly enough for resources. Here is a link to their page on baking.

The NCSE page has everything you need to get you started and set up for baking with your class!

I also have a recipe teacher resource available here:

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