Prim Ed Early Years Maths Box Review

January 7, 2019

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Prim Ed recently sent me the Early Years Maths Box to review. I was interested to see it as I had used the Maths Box previously with my first and second class. It worked really well for maths stations.

The Maths Box series is a set of seven boxes of cards, one for each class from Infants to Sixth.

This series has been written to support the teaching and learning of mathematical skills and concepts. Each box covers the strands of Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Measures, and Data. Some of the larger strands (for example, Number and Measures) are divided into strand units.

A variety of motivating activities, supported by colourful artwork and photographs, encourages pupils to engage in independent work and to further practise and consolidate the mathematical concepts taught in class. Separate answer cards allow pupils to work independently, at their own pace, whilst keeping a record for their own and teacher reference.

Each box contains:
  • 75 high-interest, brightly-coloured laminated cards (2 of each card, 150 cards in total).
  • 75 colourful answer cards.
  • 1 comprehensive,Teachers Guide with really useful photocopiable pages which are useful for assessments and early finishers.
  • FREE digital version of the Teachers Guide
Each Teachers Guide contains:
  • a scope and sequence chart, detailing the curriculum objective(s) covered by each card;
  • information on how to use and organise the box in the classroom;
  • an explanation of the different parts of the activity and answer cards;
  • answer recording sheets for pupils;
  • tracking and recording sheets for pupils and teachers, to aid assessment;
  • a list of materials and equipment needed for each card;
  • full-colour posters to aid teaching of card content and strategies, and/or display;
  • photocopiable activity sheets to support, practise and extend the card activities;
  • a full-colour copy of each answer card; and
  • a comprehensive glossary

You can also request a free sample of the Maths Box from the Prim Ed website.

I have an Early Years Maths Box worth 200 euro which I will be giving away at my seminar!

I hope this was useful for any school thinking of investing in a durable, good quality maths resource which will stand the test of time.



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