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We spoke a lot about probation/DIP year during my three seminars this summer. I have typed below some more advice and tips I have thought of/discovered on-line. Try your best to stay calm regarding the DIP. You are a teacher now, not a student and you know what you are doing!


I have written posts in the past on this topic, Probation,  Assessment and Probation  

and I have sample weekly plans in my store as a free download.


If your workbooks give you schemes or long-term plans then don’t be afraid to use them, it makes sense!

Do corrections while the children are working on independent work, it will save you a whole lot of time in the evenings.
Project work is an excellent idea, particularly during the DIP. Try do as much project work as possible in SESE.
Always save everything, email it to yourself and have your folders in school at all times.


Do your weeklies every week, they check the dates!

If the inspectors make a recommendation, then follow it! They will be expecting to see it in the next visit!
Make sure the children know about the displays that are on the wall, and about the plans you said you taught. The inspector does question them!
Have specific labelled areas on the wall for the different curricular areas, maths,Irish, English, art and SESE.
Do 2 weekly plans every fortnight. It saves time!
Group work – get the kids used to it so they know the procedures and how to behave.
Teach your class a nice song or poem that can say/ sing for the inspector.
Have set routines and ensure the children know exactly what is expected- when giving out materials, getting ready for pair/ group work.




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