ASD Maths Resource Pack

Information for teachers/  parents

This maths resource pack is based on the principles of the TEACCH method, which is a highly researched teaching method for teaching children with autism. More information on the TEACCH method can be found here:

The resources are based on the strands and strand units of the primary school curriculum for junior and senior infants. These resources can be printed and used immediately or you could print and laminate them to reuse, as repetition of maths facts is the key to success in early mathematical learning.

Skills development:

  • applying and problem-solving
  • communicating and expressing
  • integrating and connecting
  • reasoning
  • implementing
  • understanding and recalling

Strand: Early mathematical activities

Strand Unit: matching, comparing , ordering

Strand: Number Strand unit: Counting (infants)

Strand: Number Strand unit: Comparing and ordering

Strand: Number

Strand Unit: Analysis of number


Strand: Algebra

Strand Unit: Extending patterns

Identify, copy and extend patterns in colour, shape and size and number (3-4 elements)

Discover different arrays of the same number

Recognise patterns and predict subsequent numbers find the missing numbers: 2, 3, 4, _, 6, 7 10, 9, _, _, 6, 5, 4, 3,


Strand: Shape and Space

Strand unit: Spatial awareness

Explore, discuss, develop and use the vocabulary of spatial relations position: over, under, up, down, on, beside, in

Strand: Shape and Space

 Strand unit: 2-D shapes

Sort , name, describe 2-D shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle

Strand: Measures

Strand Unit: Length

Develop an understanding of the concept of length through exploration, discussion, and use of appropriate vocabulary

Compare and order objects according to length or height Estimate and measure length in non-standard units estimate, and check by measuring

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