Supporting the Move from Mainstream to an ASD Class Setting

August 6, 2020

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I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer. I created the course ‘Supporting the Move from Mainstream to ASD’ over the summer because I felt it was one of those areas a lot of teachers need support with. I have had teachers who have been teaching over twenty years purchase this course, which shows that no matter how long you are teaching, the transition from one setting to another is a learning curve. I found that to be the case myself last year. You do learn and adapt quickly and like me, you will love it but this course may just make the first few months that bit easier.

Teachers regularly ask me about planning. This is included in the course but I know it is useful to have actual samples too, so I have added all my long term plans for the whole year to this course at no extra charge. I will ask you to remember that all classes vary greatly and what suits one may not be right for another. These are plans for junior – first class and are based on the primary school curriculum and tjhe mild- moderate curriculum guides. I do hope that they may help in some way! The English plan is based on the NLC and is 18 pages in length. The rest of the plans vary and are between 7 and 15 pages in length.

This mini course consists of a 52 slide presentation with voice over.

It was created to support mainstream class teachers moving to teach in an ASD class for the first time.

It covers all the essentials you will need to get you set up for September

Course Objectives:

1.This course outlines evidence-based strategies to promote social communication skills for pupils with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs).

2.This course outlines the three levels of autism.

3.The course explores the management of challenging behaviour, classroom management, planning and assessing in an ASD class.

4.The course gives a general introduction to autism, leading to an understanding of the difficulties facing pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) on a daily basis.

5.The course goes on to outline and provide teachers with evidence-based strategies to promote the social communication skills of this group of children, including: visual timetables, TEACCH PECS, LAMH and Social stories.

6.You will gain practical skills for identification, assessment and support of children and young people with ASD in a range of settings.

  1. You will learn how to develop Individualised Education Plans (IEPs) for your students with ASD.
  2. You will learn about various strategies and resources to use throughout the day to make learning more accessible and desirable for your students.
  3. You will learn about intense interests and how to use them to help the child progress.
  4. You will learn about Attention Autism.
  5. You will learn how to transfer your teaching skills and methods from mainstream to an ASD setting.

Once you download the receipt, the course will arrive in a second email. It also comes with a number of free resources to help you get started:

First and then chart

Gross Motor Skills Pack (10 pages)

Fine Motor Skills Pack

Yes/No Card game

Skills checklist

Task Analysis Sheets

10 long term plans

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