August 6, 2020

Ten things NOT to do in an Interview!

  1. Don’t discuss politics, even if you feel really strongly on a matter, now isn't the time to get into it! Just remain impartial if anything of that natures arises.
  2. Put a positive spin on every scenario. Interviews this summer may bring up the impact of the corona virus on education, and while I would acknowledge that there will be difficulties , speak about how we will overcome them. Be upbeat and optimisitic.
  3. Try not to speak in general tones, use specific examples wherever you can. Relate everything to real life experience.
  4. Try not to be late! Always be there really early.
  5. If your interview is via zoom, don't have any pets in the room, imagine if your dog started barking right in the middle of the interview!
  6. Don't slouch, sit up straight and smile, smile, smile!
  7. Don't have your phone on you, even if it is on silent.
  8. Do not lie, you will be found out if you get the job. Be honest and truthful about your experiences.
  9. Don't side step questions- answer whatever is asked directly.
  10. Don't rush your answer, if you need a second to think, then just take a sip of water (bring your own) or pause in reflection.

Best of luck!

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