The First Week Back 2020

September 6, 2020

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Muinteoir Valerie 19

The much anticipated first week back to school has come and gone and it wasn’t so bad! After being away from the school building for almost six months, it feels like we never left the place after only one week!

The first week back for me coincided with having to submit an assignment for my masters so that was a nightmare but I finally got it in on Thursday thank goodness!

School went well, the week flew by. The children are settling in well thank goodness.

I am finding the mask and visor hard on my voice. I get laringytis every single year without fail so I don’t have the strongest voice anyway but I really felt the strain this week. I know other professions wear them all day and shop assistants etc but they don’t talk all day like we do in teaching. I am drinking honey and lemon and will just hope my voice adjusts!

The staff room is much quieter than usual, as is yard as it is staggered now. I miss not seeing the older classes whom I would have taught in the past. I haven’t seen my old class since we started back which is a pity. Another third world struggle I am facing is not being able to wear nice clothes because my room is FREEZING! It was always on the cold side but with the windows and doors all open it is so so cold. I will have to start layering more becasue I miss wearing dresses! The constant cleaning and washing my hands is starting to bother my skin so I think I will have to invest in a really good handcream.

So that is enough moaning! Overall it is the best feeling being able to teach properly again! I hope I am not being too over zealous, one of my students walked up to me Friday morning and said ‘no work’ so maybe I was going a bit gung ho! I am just enjoying it so much. The children have been amazing. After being off for so long I thought the whole week would be spent revising routines etc but they slipped straight back in to our routine and we were able to start working away earlier than I had anticipated. I am looking forward to this week. Let’s hope the cases don’t rise too drastically and we can all just try to get on with things as best we can.

Have a great week everyone!

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